Yoga Services

The ancient healing therapy – soften, breath and move.

Joanna’s yoga classes is a never-ending exploration of what feels good to your body at a present moment. Yoga, as a practice of union of body and breath, all combine with natural movement.

What can you expect:
Mindfulness, awareness of your body from big muscles to joint health, working with energy flow, visualization, laughter and finding your own way to an asana through movement and breath.

Who is the practice for:
Joanna works with beginners and intermediate practitioners of Yoga, elderly people, chronically ill people, inflexible, and everyone else who can roll out a mat.

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2018 – International Yoga Instructor Course – Malaysian
Association of Yoga Instructors (MAYI)
2018 – Intensive Strala Yoga teacher training – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2018 – Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga – Yoga Medica, Warsaw, Poland
2019 – Intensive Strala Yoga teacher training – Berlin, Germany