My 14 days fast – science behind it

bez_tytuluThe theory behind the fast has been written in books, researched,  and practiced for over 20 years by researcher and doctor Ewa Dabrowska – a polish doctor who has successfully healed people from all sorts of illnesses- heart diseases, diabetes, asthma, allergies, Crohn diseases, Hashimoto, IBS, all sorts of skin problems, and many others incurable diseases. The diet is also called the Daniel diet, as it has been mentioned in the Bible in Daniels book.

The fruit and vegetable diet, which is essentially a fasting treatment, provides enzymes, micro elements, and vitamins, positively alkalizes and detoxifies. This enhance self-healing mechanisms, and provides homeostasis in the body – which means health.

“During such a restrictive diet the entire metabolism switches to burning, cleansing and regeneration. The urine shows a trace of acetone, since acetone and other ketone bodies are formed in the process of burning fat, and is used as fuel for the brain during fasting. The process has a powerful self-healing potential.”

The fast regulates the blood pressure, stabilizes sugar content in blood, stabilizes cholesterol, detoxifies the body (helps detoxify the liver and kidney). Helps the immune system, the body starts to recognize inflammations and starts to heal it. As any fast activates the longevity gen, you will feel more youthful, and will live longer*, and many more…

You can read her book in Polish, English and German.

The idea of the vegetable- fruit fast/diet by doctor Ewa Dobrawska.

The vegetable- fruit diet is composed exclusively of low-starch and low-sugar plants. You won’t be able to consume more than 800 cal (more like 400-600 cal) a day, even if you eat until you are full. Having food with low content of energy, especially low in sugar and proteins, your body and your brain in need of glucose will switch to “internal nutrition”. The body will start consuming degenerated or dead cells, tissues, blood cloths, tumors, abscesses, scars which will get turn into glucose.

On top of that, the body will get rid of anything that lives within you – like parasites – hence there will be no fuel for parasites (sugar, white flower, processed foods) they will starve to death. (Read my post everyone has parasites).

My mom is a great example as she had a horrible headache and vomited all day long, due to really bad Candida, the nausea was gone on day 2, on day 4 she no longer had any Candida symptoms (bad breath, Candida coat in the mouth, itchiness), also her 3-years long pain in the digestive track after consuming larger amount of food was gone.

My eczema “leftovers” (I have little to now eczema but I had some scars) were gone on day 4.

How is this better than water/ juice fast?

First and foremost this fast is safe to do up to 6 weeks. There is also few advantages, you don’t really feel hungry as you would drinking juices or water. (You feel as hungry as you would on regular basis before a meal). The fast gives the body “huge bomb” of nutrients (even as a “regular” vegan you don’t eat as much fruits and vegetables in the raw/ steamed form on daily basis). Because you eat enough in the amount, you fill the stomach, and you also get enough nutrient to be able to still be active physically and mentally ( for some people the first four days can vary) . That’s not all. Because you eat 400-800 cal, the “hunger mechanism” will not get activated due to low IG content of foods. With high in fruit juices we can easily overdo the 800 cal limit, and therefore never “switch off” the hunger mechanism, and we might never REALLY fast.


Usually, the most health benefits and healing happens on a 10th days long fast. From the seminar of all healing that doctor has shown, all serious health problems started to reverse on day 9-10th. That kind of fast would be a lot harder/ more dangerous to do just on water, or juices due to low fiber content (you would have to include enemas).

Something that some of these required in fast vegetables, fruits and herbs have is polyphenols. A substance that occurs in products such as garlic, broccoli, turmeric, and wild berries, which regulates gens.

The role of food intolerances in autoimmune diseases

One of the ways an autoimmune diseases or a chronic problem, including cancer, occurs when undigested food proteins pass through the “leaky gut” into the bloodstream. This proteins stimulate the antibodies (IgG).

“A similarity between the undigested dietary proteins and the body’s own proteins can lead to autoimmunity, i.e. the destruction by antibodies one’s own tissues; it happens in case of thyroid disease (Hashimoto’s), liver (autoimmune hepatitis), arthritis (rheumatoid rheumatism), muscles, etc. Identification and exclusion of these foods from the diet was crucial in our experience; it was a breakthrough in the treatment of many chronic and even incurable diseases.”

Now lets talk genetics ;-). Genes, which are made of DNA, produce molecules called proteins. DNA is basically an instruction for production. If a DNA matrix is damaged, it will produce damaged protein, and this happens quite often.  Your intolerance are caused by a gene called NF-kB. The same gen is found to cause cancer. This exact gen can be “switched off” during the fast. (This means that if you consume food you are intolerant to – you can develop cancer, and if you already suffer from cancer, by removing intolerance you can reverse cancer cells. )

There are two ways to “repair” damaged DNA, one is by fasting, and the other is by consuming large amounts of previously mentioned polyphenols. In this two processes, by lack of food, your body will consume the damaged proteins, and will have the building materials (polyphenols) to rebuild a new DNA.*

In order to have autoimmune diseases, ALL three things have to occur:

  1. Genetic predisposition
  2. Triggering agent (food, damaged proteins, scars inside the organs, heavy metals, parasites, toxins from the outside)
  3. Intestinal permeability

As I just explained, by fasting you can “switch off” the gene and remove triggering agent (in this case food, but during fasting you will also remove a large amount of parasites and toxins). You can also improve the gut (as gut is weakened by food – usually dairy, wheat, soy, corn – but to be sure you have to do a test/ elimination diet and bad gut flora).

All this means, that you can put into remission the autoimmune dysfunction, because you can take away two things : triggering agent and intestinal permeability.  Genetic predisposition will still be there, but it won’t be activated – as we repaired the DNA.

Luckily, even 2 weeks of fast can switch off the NF-kB gene and depending on the sickness, you might have to repeat the fast up to 6 weeks (in one go, 2 weeks at the time, or one day a week) to heal the diseases. Good thing is that the fast seems to work in “rates” – this means you don’t have to fast up to 6 weeks at once, but can fast a week or two, or few days throughout the year. Highly recommended is to fast once a week.

Why are those foods healing?

Cabbage, should be a base of this diet (parasites hate it, our body loves it) has a compound called sulforaphane has the ability to switch on the detoxification paths.

Turmeric can switch off the NF- kB gene, and is anti-inflammatory. – You should add it to everything if you have any autoimmune problems even on daily basis, and if you can’t then take a supplement.

Garlic has a substance called alliin helps kills the cancer cells, also stabilizes the bacterial flora in gut, and kills any parasites – it is a natural antibiotic.

On the other hand, sugar, activates insulin, which switches on the fat synthesis.

The vegetables and fruits that are allowed:

Carrots, beetroots, celery, horseradish, parsley, all cabbages, cauliflower, onion, garlic, leek, cucumber and pickles, salads, tomatoes, peppers, pumpkin, cucurbit, turnip, rutabaga, broccoli, all green leaves.

Apples, Grapefruits, lemons, and small portions of sweet fruits like strawberries, wild berries and oranges.

As liquids you can have water rich in minerals, teas (not black tea), herbs, and fresh juices (especially green juices or water from pickled vegetables).

You can’t eat: bread, milk, fats, meat, potatoes, beans, candies, and sweet fruits. You can’t drink coffee, strong tea, alcohol or smoke cigarettes.

It is good to start the meal with a juice, and then eat raw foods, followed by cooked/steamed foods.

You should move during the fast. Anything from light walking to swimming, and exercises are going to help you detox faster, and feel better (get the lymphatic system moving).


If you have digestive issues, bloating or any sorts of bowl problems, you should consider enemas. I personally do them at least once a year. During the fast I decided to do hydro colonoscopy – however I do not recommend it unless you know a center with an experienced medics. Personally I think that enemas/ hydrocolonoscopy will help you get through the first 1-5 days, as it helps remove the toxins from the gut, and headache or nausea should stop. Please do your own research, and do it only if you are mentally ready 😉. On the side note: it’s really nothing scary. Let’s get over the poop-taboo.


Further read:

Who should and who shouldn’t do the fast, medication etc.


*Yoshinori Ohsumi – got a noble price in 2016, by proving that by fasting, in mitochondria occurs a “recycling” process where body “digest” the damaged one, and replaces it with a new one.

The information in this post are taken from doctor Ewa Dabrowska researched and seminar and are written so that everyone can understand- if you have further questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

I also recommend you to check out my personal experience with food inspo and a menu for six day diet. Let me know in the comments below if you decide to try it!

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