Welcome to the HEALING SPACES podcast.

Through out this podcast journey we will navigate through mind body and spirit interconnection throguh out solo and interview episodes.
I invite you grab a cup of something delicious and sit back and relax as you tap into Healing Spaces.

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I wanted to share this snipped with you from the very first episode because as I mentioned in the snippet if you should take one thing out of Healing Spaces or any healing tourney HEALING HAPPENS INSIDE OF YOU. No amount of supplements, tests, or motivational quotes will work if You will avoid the work within. As @drcarriejones said at one of my favourite courses (hormonal course) “You can not outsupplement your foundation”. Amen 🙏🏼✨ And I know a lot about it because I am both a patient and a practitioner and it took me a long journey around to get to ME, MY INTUITION, MY GUIDANCE FROM WITHIN AND BUILDING THAT TRUST. If you want to dig in deeper – go check out the podcast. I’ll have some awesome people coming in, and I received a lovely amazing feedback on it already 🙏🏼❤️. Podcast is the platform where I actually take time to share Naturopathic tips, Functional medicine and intuitive healing tips and tricks and reflections, as well as invite THE MINDS AND HEARTS AND SOULS to spread their love with You. I never really did this on Instagram (I know I know ) because honestly I feel like I haven’t found my way in, but I do pour my heart on the podcast ❤️ *** Should you have suggestions, topics, questions you want me to cover up – DM me 🙏🏼 This podcast is for you whether you are a patient on your journey or a practitioner who wants to exchange/expand into others experience – come join, let’s build a healing energy space so big that we can spread healing into everyone’s heart, mind and every living cell 🙏🏼 *** P.S. … this (uploading a video of a snipped of @healing.spaces Podcast has taken a while (5weeks to be precise 😁) because apparently I am not so millennial with technology anymore (and I take it as a compliment). More snippets coming soon, but for a whole podcast go to iTunes or Spotify or any of your favourite space to listen as Healing Spaces expanded onto almost any platform you can think of (and if its not where you’d like it to be DM – and we will float into that space to!) #healingspaces #healingspacesposdcast #podcast #healinghappenswithin #YOUARETHEHEALER #YOUHEALYOU #healingfromwithin

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