Painful periods remedies that actually work

8a92f62294cdd03def8f56de87da0dc8There are many causes of menstrual pains, and if you suffer with severe pain – please talk to your doctor about it. Personally, I was send off every time with an answer “painful menstruation is normal”. There were few times I was crying in pain on the floor in my shower, ready to call the hospital, but I stopped playing this scenario in my head:

“Hallo, What is your emergency?”

“I am dying of menstrual pain, mercy me” – This was not enough for the ambulance to come and pick me up, or is it? Even if they did it’s not like they could offer more than painkillers.

I can’t really understand how pain is “normal”, and why this isn’t taken more seriously. Yes it is only once a month, but that is a lot of days throughout my life. (Do you sense my pms frustration yet haha?)

Diagnosing menstrual pain cause is usually not that simple – as on the picture, everything might look just perfect. I mean down there, when the gyno is checking you up, so you might be send off with “everything looks just right”.

So I started to look for ways to help my body reduce the inflammation and crumps.

I have “I am dying and if you say I am exaggerating – I might kill you” kind of pain. My pain is 10/10, so if it goes down to 5/10 or below –  I might even celebrate – like leave my bed and actually make lunch or write this blog post ;-).

I try to stay away from ibuprofen, and any painkillers for that matter, as they severely damage ones gut flora and turn off the immune system for sometime, but that was the only thing that really helped my pain for a long time. And if you are at the airport waiting in a line for another hour and there is nothing you can do, other than lie on the floor and cry – I mean go for the painkiller, your body will forgive you, and you might cause more stress by being in such a pain – than the damage the pill will do. (Speaking from experience after my New Years trip to Bulgaria I actually lay down in the airplane bathroom for 1.5 hour waiting for the pain to go away because the gate was a 20 min walk, and I could maybe do 10 steps before crawling).

Okay, so I have tried a lot of natural remedies, and here are some that might help you.

1.Raspberry leaf tea-  It has really worked for me the first month I tried it, as I really committed to drinking a cup everyday. I was like “yes I found the answer”! Now I drink it a day prior, or “when I feel it coming” (because I am lazy) it usually helps when I start to feel uncomfortable, and drink it “on time” 14698_1.jpgbefore the real pain kicks in.

I have to drink several of them throughout the day – usually one every time the pain starts to increase (aprox. 3-5 a day). You might want to drink the tea a week prior to your menstruation. The raspberry leafs contains fragarineand tannins which helps your uterus get tone, and can help reduce pms, vomiting, nausea and diarrhea. Red Raspberry Leaf also contains amounts of manganese, zinc, potassium, chromium, B complex vitamins along with Vitamin A and Vitamin E, and is called “woman herb” which helps with irregular periods, and balancing your hormones. Also it actually taste great!

2. Cannabidiol oil – I bought CBD oil after my chiropractor recommended it to me for pain and stiffness that comes from lack of sleep, lots of sitting and autoimmune pain/ fatigue, and after I was on it for few days I realized why people love it – it actually works.

You might heard of medical marijuana – which has higher amounts of CBD, rather than THC (the one that makes you high 😉 ). My CBD oil has zero THC, and comes from hemp oil, therefore is not psychoactive.

CBD can act as a “painkiller” due to its anti inflammatory properties. It also has antiemetic properties which help nausea and vomiting. It works as antidepressant, which helps with anxieties and mood swings.

There is truly a lot of other benefits of Cannabidiol – and it deserves a separate post, however let’s focus on menstrual pain benefits.

There are especially design products like “The Weed Tampon” and pads, or creams and even chocolate that has CBD (and THC) oil and helps menstrual pain, but I only used mine orally for now – Europe doesn’t have those goodies yet. But imagine getting high of chocolate while your cramps disappear! You can also experiment and put some oil on your tampon or put it into an empty capsule – let me know how it goes!

I am still on my first bottle of this one, and it is the best quality for the price I found – click

3. Accupressure – There are point on your body that are responsible for your body energy flow. Place 3 fingers on the inner ankle bone along the edge of the bone, with your otherCapture hand finger put pressure and hold until the pain goes away. I put the pressure with pulses, and massage the point – you might want to experiment. I repeat on each leg, and then repeat every time the pain starts to elevate. Remember the story form the airport ? This technique helped me crawled out of it and get home 😉 I actually massaged it the whole way in the bus – it really does work.





4. Orgasm – Probably the most pleasurable and instant “painkiller” of them all ;-). After an orgasm your uterine muscles contract and release brain chemicals, including Oxycontin – which is the body natural pain reviler. I don’t have to say more – do I? 😉

5. Frankincense Oil (or Boswellia) and Red Thyme Oil


I have first read about the oils because it helps with asthma.

Many essential oils can be applied for wide conditions – those two also works as an anti-inflammatory and cramp releasing oils, help with skin conditions and asthma – so basically frankincense-oil.jpgthey cover every condition I struggle with 😀 . ( I am currently covered in both oils from the neck down, while having the red thyme oil as an aromatherapy, don’t tell my roommates its me ;-).

For the menstrual pain I place few drops (depending on the concentration of the oil) in Shea butter or oil – I used grape oil, and rub it in my abdominal and the back of my neck. I combine it with all the other techniques.

*Frankincense can increase your blood flow – so if you already have heavy periods, please be careful.



  • Don’t use non organic cotton tampons – they are highly toxic, and can increase the pain. Instead invest in organic cup.
  • Drink plenty of water – dehydration increases inflammations in the body. Remember to ad few Himalayan salt crystals – as you need extra minerals.
  • Take it slow. It’s your time – and if you feel like laying in bed all day – you should do just that, and if anyone thinks otherwise – send them to me 😉

That would be my secrets for reducing menstrual pain. If you try any of the remedies (and I think you should try them all 😉 – please let me know in the comments below. If you know anything else – share it below, I love to hear from you, let’s help each other out.

Edit: I have written this on 27th of June 2017, and since then I have tested DUTCH Cycle Mapping and Dutch Plus, and have approached my symptoms in a functional way. I have addressed the bottom of the issue (which was too much estrogen to methylate and not enough testosteron) and I can happily say – I am cramps free since.

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