I am here to guide you through the healing process. I am here to hold space for you to bring balance into your body, mind and soul. Together we will lay your foundation, it being diet, movement, sleeping pattern, emotional stability, relationship with yourself or healing from traumatic events to allow you to heal holistically. 

During our sessions, we will look at the underlying causes of the imbalances created in your body, take into consideration your individuality, and find a way to optimize your health through diet, lifestyle changes, working through trauma, stress or emotional baggage. To improve your energy levels, sleep quality, or simply take a preventative approach to boost your performance.

My background is in Naturopathy and Functional medicine, which is a combination of ancient knowledge of Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, emotional release and energy practice combine with the modern scientific approach. I work on a deeply holistic and intuitive level and our session will vary depending on what you are currently allowing to work with. I use tools like neuroplasticity retraining, releasing emotions through the body via various techniques and use principles of New German Medicine to work with the mind-dis-ease connection.

If needed or if you wish we might go through in-depth personalized tests, to have a deeper look into the body; like testing your microbiome, hormones, minerals, and heavy metals or adrenal glands – depending on your history and symptoms. Based on our findings I will support you with your own personalized plan, which suits your current needs and expectations.

I don’t work with one size fits all therapy and therefore what worked for someone with the same diagnosis might not work or be applicable in your case. I will not give you a diagnosis, as a label isn’t something you have or are. I know how difficult can be to carry a label like Hashimoto, RA, diabetes, anxiety, depression, sensitivities. Those all work at the doctor and pharmacy when you need a drug to suppress a symptom, but what this “diagnosis” is – is a signal. It’s a signal of an imbalance in your body. Your body is dealing with dis-ease, and trying to communicate with you by sending you all kind of symptoms to come back to ease, come back to balance. What we will do is find and take away something that brings unease in your body, and brings back abundance and nourishment – your personalized medicine.