How amalgam (and heavy metals) can cause Hashimoto and other autoimmune diseases

Amalgam is a small filling that consist of heavy metals mixture, with over 50% of mercury. During eating or drinking – this amalgam is reacting with temperature and foods we eat, and “leaks” to the body – like any other filling would. It is very difficult for the body to remove heavy metals, and they often like to accumulate in and around the brain – causing in the future problems like dementia, memory loss, foggy brain, and Alzheimer. Heavy metals are also found in large scale in people with Autism or ADHD (and any mental problems even such as depression). Parasites are especially fond of heavy metals, because they successfully weaken the all the organs, autoimmune and hormonal functions, as well as digestive track and lay a red carpet for parasites to attack our cells.

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Last year in January, I finally got my Rife machine, and I though I can role my health. I have talked about my first heavy metal and parasites detox, which ended with a total lose of body and face hair – and left me with Alopecia Universalis. Little did I know back then, I had amalgam filling. By doing a heavy metal detox I was literally making the filling leak even more mercury into my body. 

How could I not know what is in my mouth? I was about 11-13, when I went to the dentist with my dad, and just like any dad – he said “the one covered by the insurance please”. I don’t blame him, it was his first time at the dentist for a long time. He once went to primary school to pick me up, once I was already in high school – you get the picture, my dad is just an old generation of dads, whose main role was to earn money.

Shortly after the amalgam I remember sweating during the winter, and refusing to wear winter jackets all November-January. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto two years later. Most of my health problems and metal problems started to occur around that time. I wouldn’t blame my eating disorder on to amalgam fully, but I have zero doubt it contributed to some of my mental problems and hormonal imbalance. (depression, eating disorder, self distraction).

There is so many stories about people whose mental and physical health got worst. I have heard stories of people developing ADHD or depression. I have read story about a chiropractor who from healthy man, after the incorrect removal laid in bed without being capable of moving his muscles, and became mentally sick. After several years of chelation therapy (therapy that removes heavy metals) he is a healthy man again.

Now, please do not just go to your dentist and ask for amalgam removal – mercury is even more dangerous when being removed (if it leaks during the procedure). I have removed my amalgam last week, and I can safely said – I had zero side effects. Nevertheless, I was quite scared before hand. I chose a dentist center which was register with International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) and had the SMART technique (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) recommended by the IAOMT.

During my amalgam removal I have also learn that most fillings have BPA (bisphenol) in them. Body exposed to BPA has health effects on the brain, behavior and prostate gland of fetuses, infants and children. There is a link between BPA and increased blood pressure. BPA is a xenoestrogen – which means it mimics estrogen in the body. When having your amalgam removed, make sure to fill it with BPA-free filling.

Lastly I would like to say, it is important to take care of your dental hygiene. Dental infections can affect the body and mind function. Make sure to take care of your teeth, and have a check up at least once a year.

You can watch a video from the dental center I used in Wroclaw, where the dentist explains why you should remove amalgam safely : CLICK

If you are looking for a natural heavy metal removal therapy – wild blueberries are #1 foods in removing heavy metals even from the brain. You can also try Rife machine (Spooky2), or simply use chlorella supplement. Fairly cheap, and one of my favorite supplement is toxaprevent to purify the body.

If you have success with heavy metal removal, please let me know your experience in the comments below.

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