Herbs to improve your immune system, support liver, and kidney to prepare your body for deeper detox.

  1. The best – as it is inexpensive, successful and relatively safe is curcumin (from turmeric). It is the most studied herb right now, but the etiology is not know yet.

It is evidently proven that curcumin inhibits autoimmune diseases. You can see the recipe of my favorite drink with my daily curcumin, ginger and cinammon (three powerful anti parasites herbs) on my instagram here.


2. My absolutely favorite herb to support the liver is milk thistle. I first found out about the herb only few months ago, while doing an extensive research about hair loss according to Chinese medicine. According to Chinese medicine combination of problems such as asthma + allergies + thyroid + hair loss is always associated with intoxicated and weak liver.
This made a lot of sense to me, the liver doesn’t hurt, as it has no nerves, however I have been seeing signs of liver problems on my body. (Look for changes in nails, spots on your skin, hair loss, alcohol intolerance etc, insomnia especially 1 am – 3 am).

I started to use blended milk thistle few times a day (x3 daily in the first week) in a powder form, which I boiled for few minutes and drink as a tea.

Today I add it to almost anything: soups, oat milk, tea, hummus – you name it. In taste it is similar to boiled flax seeds. When mixed with other things I can never taste it.

Milk thistle detoxifies your liver, and helps it restore it very quickly.

Some studies says it only takes 10 days for the liver to be significantly better.
Only after a month of using it, I have for the first time in 4 years tired drinking a glass of whine without being hangover the next day. It is a must have in every kitchen super-food, as it costs few pennies, but it has changed my life.

3. Number two herb, which I have been using for about half a year now is Siberian ginseng.

I have used it in pills form, however you can buy it much cheaper in a tea form. Siberian ginseng works as a adaptogen, which means it helps our body to adapt to stress. As you perhaps know, stress can come from thoughts but it can also comes from foods we are unable to digest properly. What it essentially does, it helps our immune system to adjust, and in a long run, it strengthens the weak immune system, or suppress the immune system which is “too active” – just like any supressive autoimmune drug, but without the side effects of it – as it just directs our body to do the job. I just drink usually 1-2 pills every morning, as it is a ginseng it also gives you some daily boost (so avoid during the evening hours). I use it in exchange with another adaptagens (like some mix of different ginseng) – you can experiment and find which one works for you, there is plenty of them.

4. Nettle leaf – I have been drinking the juice from nettle leaf and drinking the tea by using leafs from my moms garden. It has antioxidants, and it has antimicrobial properties which means it works well killing microorganisms and prevent them from growing. It also is packed with minerals and that is why is known for regrowing hair. My favorite property of nettle leaf is how it cleanse the kidneys – which in holistic medicine are responsible for hair growth. It is also known for helping with allergies and joint pain, eczema, arthritis, gout and anemia.

It can also be used topically or internally as a tea. You can brew some leafs and use a cotton pad to soak it and place it externally, or you can just drink it in tea form. The smell is not my favorite, but honestly after drinking it for some time you can get use to it. I like it best made into a juice made from fresh leaves. It is so powerful that after just few days can start generating an odor (sweat) from your body – because it will stimulate the toxins to leave your body through every channel.

Buy leafs

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It is a great source of potassium, iron, vitamins A, K, and C, folic acid, magnesium, and calcium that can heal many health issues especially skin diseases, acne, and hair loss. In case of skin diseases like rushes or eczema – you can make a mask using coriander seeds – but I like to take them internally whenever I remember. Think of it like healthy candy 😀

The way it works it actually helps your body get rid of heavy metals – which are in fact really difficult to get rid of without a special help (like coriander seeds). Other than that it helps with digestion, have antibacterial properties (helps a lot in case of Candida overgrowth), prevents anemia, and helps with PMS.

Dandelion should be very easy to get – as it grows everywhere – and it is fair to say we do not even know how beneficial weed from our garden can be :-). You are not going to be surprised if I say that dandelion due to being rich in antioxidants and vitamin C and Luteolin, helps with urinary problems, liver dysfunction, acne, skin problems, eczema, and allergies, as well as diabetes because it can stimulate the pancreas, and remove excess sugar from the urinary system.  Also like the other herbs helps with microbial and fungal infections. You can also eat the flowers ! I have never got the chance to caught them this summer, but I cannot wait for the next spring salads with this yellow beauty.

Lots of this herbs already acts as antiviral herbs – but they also support the organs. It is extremely important, for you to detox from heavy metals and toxins first before you start killing the viruses – as you have to support and cleanse your organs and detox paths first – so you will be able to handle the virus killing process. DO NOT BE IMPATIENT, and do not try to skip straight to killing viruses – I have done that and I have intoxicate myself – which took me a whole year to get back to the starting point. It is a slow, consistence process.

Good luck!

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