Healthy raw snickers cake/ ice cake

It’s officially autumn. The sun is still showing up through the clouds in Copenhagen, but shorts and flip flops are a no go – unless you are a Dane, then go ahead Viking! ;-).

Fresh fruits are not the same anymore, so I indulge myself with some grains, healthy fats and dry fruits.

In those autumn afternoon my mom used to bake all sorts of sweets. I have never been a cake person unless she made a snickers – oh lord, that was delicious.

My aversion to cakes stopped once I tried plant based cakes – they didn’t hurt my tummy, and after a solid slice I was satisfied for a good week. The taste was also so much healthier, and it felt like eating I was nourishing my body.

Yesterday I decided to make my mom recipe, but with whole foods, healthy fats and I also made it gluten free – for everyone who doesn’t tolerate gluten. It is also for everyone who cooks everything without a recipe, as I never used any, so keep in mind – you might want to adjust if you fancy. I usually use anything I have in the house, so if I say 80 grams of cashew – you might use double and less oats – keep in mind I am a student on a budget 😉



– A (1-1.5) cup of ecologic gluten free oats ( if you don’t tolerate oats, you can try substituting them with millet)

– 80 grams of ecologic cashew nuts

Caramel inside:

– 250 gram of peanut butter ( you can use almonds butter or cashew butter if you avoid peanuts, I used ecologic crunchy peanut butter with no oil added, just with Himalayan salt, but honestly any nut butter will do. If your butter doesn’t have salt you can also add a pinch of Himalayan salt )

– Ecologic Medjool dates 350 – 450 gram (remember to pit them ;- ) )

-160 grams of wallnuts (you can add more or less, if you don’t have access to ecological one just pour boiling water on them)

– Ecological Vanilla extract (just a drop or two)


– 3-5 tbs of cacao powder

– 1 tbs of ecological coconut oil

+ You also need a can of coconut milk – will be add to everything, so you don’t burn the blender 😉

Start with the crust. Soak cashew in boiled water for min. 30 min (depending how strong is your blender). Drain the water out and place cashew nuts and oats in a blender. Add few spoons of coconut milk – just to make it creamy and to ease your blender. Blend to smooth. *

I used a small bread baking tray – but if you don’t have one, experiment! 🙂

I placed a baking paper, and place the mix in the tray. I place it in the freezer for 1 hour.

Now to the yummy, fun part! Place the pitted medjool dates in the blender, add the nut butter, and walnuts, vanilla extract, again add approx. 0.5 cap of coconut milk to blend smoothly. Store in a fridge until the crust is ready.

On to the top! Add 3-5 tbs of cacao powder (or go crazy and add more if you fancy) add a 1tbs of coconut oil (you can also avoid this step, if you are oil free) and add a tiny bit of coconut milk (by now you should not have that much left anyway ;-)*. If it doesn’t mix well, you can put it on very low heat.

Now take the crust from the fridge and place the caramel on top of it and the chocolate top. If the chocolate is lumpy, just sprinkle the top with some more dry cacao powder.

Place it in the freezer for around 3 hours. I froze it overnight, you can also keep it frozen until the guests arrive ;-).

For ice cream keep in the freezer, for a softer texture keep in the fridge.

Enjoy guilt free!

*Now optionally, you can add some more sweetness to the crust or the top by adding some agave syrope, coconut sugar or fair trade honey – however trust me, you will be amazed how sweet the cake ends up being just by using dates.

portion per serving: 10 calories per portion: 558

in a whole snickers:

calories; 5580

carbohydrates: 607 gram

lipids: 307 gram

proteins: 119 gram

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