CBD – the magic oil that helps you relax?


What is CBD?

“Cannabidiol is a type of cannabinoid, a class of molecule found in the cannabis plant. Studies show that Cannabidiol is not psychotropic i.e. it won’t cause a high feeling. As a result it is not used for any recreational use. Studies suggest that CBD is anti-inflammatory, can reduce anxiety and is antiepileptic. CBD is usually extracted from the hemp plant, because hemp contains only trace levels of THC”

Why is it helpful ?

The cannabidiol structure from the hemp oil or from the marijuana plant (currently illegal in most of the Europe) is very similar to human endocannabinoid systemwhich in humans is responsible for regulating the homeostasis in the body.

Studies have revealed that CBD can dampen some receptors (Transient receptor potential (TRP)) activity, which are responsible for pain causing, epilepsy and numerous anxiety disorders.

The same receptors (TRP) are the cause of several inherited diseases that affect a variety of systems including the renal, skeletal and nervous system.

So in English (haha) : Cannabinoids act as an inhibitor of key inflammatory. That’s why it is essential in chronic health problems, as those occur from unbalances in the body.Cannabis-Benefits

Further studies has to be done, in order to fully understand the influence of the CBD and CBDa on the Transient receptor potential (TRP), but we already know the principles and we know that CBD and CBDa are successfully used in anxiety and chronic diseases treatments.

Before trying CBD (and any supplements) make sure to talk to your practitioner do your own research, to see if CBD could help with your imbalances. Much love ❤


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