Just made a “quick” video on releasing emotions. *Edit: the video is no longer available for public as I took down the channel, if you’d like the video, email me and I will share it with Here you can get the book emotion code Here is the chart:

Chickpea chocolate chip cookie recipe

This is one of the recipe that I have made while craving a chocolate chip cookie while trying to throw in as much nutrient into it as possible. Now I rarely make it, because pealing skin of chickpeas is a commitment, however, my mom always makes them when I visit! Chickpea cookies: 1 glass of […]

CBD – the magic oil that helps you relax?

What is CBD? “Cannabidiol is a type of cannabinoid, a class of molecule found in the cannabis plant. Studies show that Cannabidiol is not psychotropic i.e. it won’t cause a high feeling. As a result it is not used for any recreational use. Studies suggest that CBD is anti-inflammatory, can reduce anxiety and is antiepileptic. […]