Joanna Maja Niemczycka – Naturopath, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Certified Yoga Teacher

Finding Your own healing path is what will heal You. For some, it’s addressing nutritional deficiencies, and for some is finding a connection with themselves or a supportive group, for others its addressing childhood trauma. I am here to guide you on your path and give you all the support, whether it’s to clean your fridge from food that does not serve you, help you find your nourishing diet and lifestyle, or help you recognize unhealthy patterns and relationships in your daily life. 
I am a Naturopathic Nutritionist and Functional Medicine practitioner as well as Yoga guide located in Copenhagen, Denmark.
I am a certified nutrigenomic counselor, certified AFMCP Functional practitioner, hormonal, and gut health therapist, currently finishing my diploma in Naturopathy with a goal to guide You onto the path of a healthier self.
I have always been fascinated with how food, past events from our life, environment and daily choices impacting our health. My story with holistic health starts in childhood. Being a sensitive child with lots of allergies and asthma, I was introduced to Reiki (healing energy work) and became a Reiki healer at the age of 13. Went to an iridologist, homeopaths and visited quite a large variety of healers. At my home, we cooked according to Chinese medicine, and instead of ibuprofen tried energy healing, light therapies, and herbal remedies.
I took my knowledge of Ayurveda and Chinese medicine further, when at the age of 21, after a year of traumatic events, I struggled with health and had lost my ability to think clearly, memorize new words, or remember how to spell, which caused me to pause my architecture degree, and spend over a year trying to get my brain clarity and life back. Since then, I have helped my brain to think clearly, balanced my hormones, and got my autoimmune symptoms under remission, and enjoy my healthier self.
I have never stopped learning how foods, daily stressors, microbiomes, social life or lack of it, hormones and many more factors influence our life. In 2014, I started to share my passion for natural healing methods through nutrition and lifestyle changes through YouTube videos quickly became to grow a community which was also in need of spirituality and healing.
In 2017 I decided to take my passion into school and started studying Naturopathy and Functional Medicine at two different academies. The same year I started to work in a Functional Medicine company, where I expanded my education with a title of a nutrigenomic counselor, hormonal and gut health therapist, and support practitioners and patients with functional testing around the globe. Today I still work part time with few practitioners supporting them with their patients, while having my own practice in Copenhagen and online.
My inside is based on my intuition, personal experienced and knowledge, Chinese medicine, mind-body connection, spirituality, Ayurvedic medicine, Integrative medicine, and ancient Yogic techniques (pranayama, meditation, asanas, mudras), as well as newest research.
I am particularly interested in the microbiome and how the bacteria, viruses, and fungi influence our body, and mind. In the body, we have as many bacterias as cells which can dictate our digestion, behaviors and can be responsible for the never-ending chocolate cravings. I am also very driven towards the emotional and energetic aspect of our existence – quantum physics, and how traumatic experiences can affect our subconscious mind which can control our nervous system, immune system, which controls our endocrine system – which circles back to our nervous system.
You can eat healthily, exercise daily, have great sleeping patterns, take your supplements, but unless you also address the emotional self and traumas, have social support, and find connections, you won’t address You holistically.
I am also here to support you clinically, I work with Functional testings – genetic testing, comprehensive microbiome stool tests, SIBO, Intestinal permeability, food intolerance, and allergy tests, hormonal tests, heavy metals, and nutritional profiles testing, etc. Working as a patient and practitioner consultant for 2 years at Nordic Laboratories gives me the advantage of knowing the best Functional Laboratories and inside into clinical cases, as not two tests are the same.
If you look for assistance in chronic illness like allergies, asthma, eczema or skin problems, acne, weight loss, anxieties, digestive issues, autoimmune disorders, SIBO, GERD or would simply like to prevent diseases, improve your performance and learn more about genetics and nutrigenomics feel free to reach out.
I am also a yoga guide, as movement is such a great way of connecting with the body. I studied yoga at the MAYI academy in Malaysia and finished two Strala Yoga Intensive Teacher Training. I currently guide Yoga at DoYoga in Copenhagen, have private classes, teach yoga in companies, organize workshops and cacao ceremony both in Denmark and Poland. If you’d like to join my class, have a private session, or collaborate contact me at info@joannamaja.com or call me +45 42 26 62 05.
Joanna Maja