About grains and gluten and wheat free bread options in Copenhagen

My Story with gluten
I have personally been on the wheat free, and gluten free diet for about 5 years now, and for me its already super easy to just not crave or think of what else could I have instead of wheat products. I currently eat brown and black rice, oats, millet and buckwheat as a staple grain.
Gluten free bread
I though I share couple of tips and facts about gluten and eating gluten (in Cph). *
I personalny went gluten and wheat free to try it out, in hopes it could help alopecia I developed, and I found out wheat (and not gluten) was causing anxieties attacks for me. I was later diagnosed with wheat allergy that resulted in symptoms of anxieties and brain disfunction.
I now ocassionally eat it in a soup when travelling. I found that if I have it once a year I dont have any symptoms. I also often might eat it without knowing when eating out, and that doesnt bring any symtpoms anymore, so I currently just avoid it bacause I am simply used to it and other grains are a lot higher in nutrients and less inflammatory. Less inflammation = less ageing = longer, healthier body and mind.
Looking at the science and my own practice :
In my practice I recommend gf diet ONLY to clients with either gluten or wheat intolerance, symptoms that cause bloating or upset digestion, high inflammation caused by wheat/gluten, or in terms of allergy and celiac diseases, or to those who want to try it out, and see if it feels easier on their body. However I sometimes wonder how many of us would actually stop having this symptoms like reoccuring headaches, runny nose, digestive symptoms, rushes, itchy skin if we did go gluten free…
So the reason WHY I like reducing gluten – the chewy substance when you are making bread – is to heal inflammation. ‘Gluten can actually increase inflammation in the gut, when not broken down.
What they found was that serveral factors where involved in intestinal permiablity (something known better as a leaky gut). In the studies some of the factors that we could influence were exposure to gluten and poor variety of the micriobiome. Another factors were genetic predisposition, mis-communication between innate and adaptive immunity, and exposure to environmental triggers.
When your body is going through a lot (that is while having chronic symptoms, that cause low or high level of chronic inflammation) reduction of gluten will make things easier for your body. Less inflammation = less healing to work through = faster recovery.
Can some people eat gluten? Absolutely. If you digest it fine – go for it. I highly recommend eating whole flour sourdough bread, that way you can get some of the enzymes to break down the food that are in the food already, keeping your microbiome healthy and happy.
A quick look at the history of wheat and gluten:
In the last 50-70 years farmers have started to use wheat that can withstand more wheather changes, and that wheat has been selectively breed to have more gluten in itself. In the proces has been striped off important nutrients.
For some people it can help eating some of the older grains or forms of wheat like ancient grains: buckwheat, millet, barn, quinoa, sorghum, teff – which I personally love fermented making injera a form of Ethiopoan bread I eat at my favorite restaurant Zula here in Copenahgen, and that causes no issues at all.
Buying bread and baked goods in Copenhagen:
Eating gluten free in Copenahgen I found my favorite bakery @h.u.g.bageri where I also took this photo this week. I love the sourdough bread at the top of the picture. I also love that there is a face behind the bakery, and actually two funny and really talented bakers woman.
I actually think their bread taste so much better than a regular white wheat bread.
I also love their peanutbutter cookies, that are vegan and gluten free. For some of the vegan friends out here, H.U.G (helt under gluten) bakery has Vegan wednesdays. Their brownie is also to die for, and I often treat myself for a sugar free kanel snegle (cinammon bun).
A lot of their baked goods is made with sourdough – a fermented amount of previously done grain, that helps the dough grow – like yeast or baking soda, but is more beneficial to the digestion of the bread. If you can always buy bread made on sourdough. The bread itself might be more moist and sour (the name speaks for itself). Some of their proucts are made with yeast (gær in Danish). I personally don’t like yeast as it makes me feel funny, and I prefer sourdough or baking soda, but if you don’t have any symptoms eating yeast – in moderation it is a great product rich in vitamins B.
Speaking of cinammon buns – my favorite one that is also sugar free is close by Nørreport – Landbageriet.
The one with sugar coating are tasty too, however I am not a big fan of glazings. I never was. As a child a scrubed it off my cookies :).
Their bread is less fluffy, and in my personal opinion not as yummy as H.U.G bageri but their sugar free kanel snegle is so much more delicious. They also have variety of little pizza like bread that is gluten and vegan (had it once, loved it), some cakes (I am just not a cake person so I should say much but lovedddd their brownie) and other bread rolls.
I also really like their olive bread and the same one in a sweet option. I spent years eating their multibread and their oat bread, and was extremly happy (and then I tried h.u.g bread and I could never go back :P).
I also once saw them doing something very very sweet for a homeless person, and I love supporting small buisneses that themselves support the one in need, so I always send them love and stop buy to get their cinammon rolls.
Their bread is mainly made on baking soda. In my opinion more people tolerate baking soda vs yeast, and I highly recommend going for it if you can’t get sourdough bread (or you dont like it).
I also found out (from my recent client) that Detrenebrøed  has gluten free bread rolls and small bread on Monday and Fridays. I tried it, and it was … hmm.. good enough for 14 DKK 🙂 . I wouldn’t kill for it, but it does its job. It is dark and had a lot of seeds in it. Its 200 meters from my aparment, however I usually go to Emmerys instead.
Emmerys is a coffee and bakery shop around Denmark. They do not have any sweets gluten free but they do keep their bread and bread rolls made primaerly from oat flour in the fridge. It is sourdough and I love it. They also add honey to their bread and it just makes it super super moist. I usually buy it as an emergency bread if I am not in the city center, or when I am outside of Copenhagen. I prefer the taste of the bread over the bread rolls, but their ingredience list is almost the same, so you will not be dissapointed. The bread rolls are a little bit more dry, and as you might find a theme by now – I like my products a little moisty. I usually keep the bread rolls in the freezer for emergency.
If you know of other places selling delicious gluten free goods, please share in the comments below or send me a message.
With love (and without gluten)

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